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April Roane

April Roane is a spiritual channel, psychic medium and teacher who has written four books, including 'Goodnight Just The Same,' a children's book for all ages which has been featured in SHE Magazine. And 'How To Love Your Inner Empath: A Healing Workbook and Toolkit' at

She has been featured on Bio Channel/ A&E, My Ghost Story, The Grief Club, DTM Wicked Radio, CBS Radio, and is one of the in-house Psychic Mediums and Teachers at Hotel Cassadaga in Cassadaga, Florida.

She focuses on educating and working with fellow Empaths, providing past life healing, chakra cleansing and healing, inner child healing and meditation classes.

April currently works alongside her husband, Braxton Roane, who is the founder and creator of Spirit Quest and Fear Paranormal Society. They host a weekly radio show, Infinite Spirit Radio, on Tuesdays 7p EST.

April is available Friday through Sunday at the Hotel Cassadaga for full length psychic medium reading appointments.



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